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A chat with Philippe Gerard, an AFOL based in Dubai

A Chat with an AFOL – Philippe Gerard A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with a resident Adult Fan of LEGO® in Dubai. Philippe Gerard lives in Mirdiff with his wife and has been a LEGO® collector and builder for over 20 years.

STACK Zones – The Highlights & What to Expect

STACK – The Highlights & What to Expect For the first time in the region, STACK 2016 will be the largest event for fans of Lego® in the Middle East.

Superhero LEGO® Inspirations

Superhero LEGO® Inspirations We all have fond memories of some amazing toys that were synonymous with our childhood days. As kids, we all have played with toys ranging from battle toys to cool action figures and battery-operated toy robots.

Popular LEGO® Minifigures – STACK’s Top 8 Picks

Popular LEGO® Minifigures Who doesn’t love LEGO® Minifigures? LEGO® Minifigures form part of the LEGO sets and represent figures or characters from movies, books, games, TV shows etc. LEGO® Minifigures are liked by kids and adults alike.

A LEGO® history of Star Wars

A LEGO® history of Star Wars Most of us grew up playing with LEGO® – the colorful blocks that gave us a force of creativity and fired up our imagination.

20 Epic LEGO® Facts That Will Make You Question It All

There’s no question about it, LEGO® is awesome! Add a touch of originality, a dollop of creativity and a whole lot of studded bricks and you can make anything. Literally, anything!