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LEGO® Education – Storytelling through LEGO®

Storytelling through LEGO® A powerful communication tool and a great means of imparting knowledge that has been around since the beginning of humankind is storytelling. This tool can make any message or moral more powerful, more intense and more memorable.


LEGO® MINDSTORMS Inventions Technology and innovation have been a huge part of market segments of many industries – the toy industry is one among them. Kid’s toys have evolved so much from simple building blocks and board games to toy robots and animated interactive toy figures.

A chat with Philippe Gerard, an AFOL based in Dubai

A Chat with an AFOL – Philippe Gerard A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with a resident Adult Fan of LEGO® in Dubai. Philippe Gerard lives in Mirdiff with his wife and has been a LEGO® collector and builder for over 20 years.

STACK Zones – The Highlights & What to Expect

STACK – The Highlights & What to Expect For the first time in the region, STACK 2016 will be the largest event for fans of Lego® in the Middle East.

Advanced LEGO® Sets For Adults – The Challenge Awaits

Advanced Lego sets for Adults – The Challenge Awaits It’s no surprise that we absolutely love LEGO®! Whether it’s a hobby, a therapeutic way to unwind or a holiday project; creating something out of LEGO® or simply just sorting out the small coloured bricks give us a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Introduction to Adult Fans of LEGO® | STACK Dubai

Introduction to AFOL The term AFOL or ‘Adult Fans of Lego’ refers to adult followers and patrons of LEGO® who have continued or reignited their passion for these colourful bricks in their older years.

20 Epic LEGO® Facts That Will Make You Question It All

There’s no question about it, LEGO® is awesome! Add a touch of originality, a dollop of creativity and a whole lot of studded bricks and you can make anything. Literally, anything!