How to Store LEGO® – Organizing Tips

How to store LEGO®

How to store LEGO®

Who rules the roost in your house? You or your kids? If your answer is the latter, then it is almost certain that you have to deal with a great amount of toys. And when your kid or someone in the family has a LEGO® obsession, you may think your house is turning into a mini-LEGOLAND; you practically need a separate room just to store the growing pile of LEGO® bricks. You could stow a few thousand pieces of LEGO® in a big plastic bin, but when you have a sprawl of LEGO® elements that cross the few thousands mark you know you would have to do something about it.

Follow these tips on how to store LEGO® bricks easily:

Categorize LEGO® bricks

Firstly, begin by categorizing LEGO® bricks by their color, size and shape. Further separate them based on the set/collection they belong to and how often they are played with or used. It is important to sort LEGO® bricks in a manner that matches your kid’s playtime needs or your building styles.

Choose a storage system

Secondly, choose a storage system to stow LEGO® bricks in. You could opt for large transparent plastic boxes and bins of different storage capacities for LEGO® bricks of varying sizes, colors and types. You can also use stackable bins or boxes to maximize your storage space. There are multi-purpose shelving units or plastic removable drawers that can be used to place LEGO® bricks. Stackable storage cubbies are also quite popular with kids, especially the minifigure-themed ones. You can also choose closets with built-in shelves and hideaway trays that slip under the cot or couch as a storage solution.

Organize LEGO® bricks

Thirdly, organize LEGO® bricks in a manner that:

  • Makes the room look tidy
  • Maximizes storage space
  • Makes LEGO® easily accessible
  • Makes LEGO® stack portable

Keeping your LEGO® stacks organized makes locating, separating and storing the bricks of like kind much easier.

Designate storage spaces

Lastly, designate particular spaces within different rooms for LEGO® storage. This not only inspires your kids to keep things tidy, but also minimizes space constraints creating a clutter-free living environment.



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