LEGO® Education – Storytelling through LEGO®

LEGO® Education - Storytelling through LEGO®

Storytelling through LEGO®

A powerful communication tool and a great means of imparting knowledge that has been around since the beginning of humankind is storytelling. This tool can make any message or moral more powerful, more intense and more memorable. From whimsical picture books for toddlers to beautiful children’s stories and illustrations, stories discuss human emotions and moral values, and teach us good conduct and deeds. Our grandparents and parents, who have told us plenty of stories at bedtime or over dinnertime, have been some of the greatest storytellers of our lives.

Storytelling requires heaps of creativity, communication skills, and critical thinking. People tell stories or convey a message using different mediums, but visual medium – storytelling through images and words – is the most powerful of them all and the easiest to interpret. The earliest of our ancestors, for example, told stories using pictures and paintings as visual aides of storytelling. Today, we are using a combination of creative digital tools and technologies to create, connect and convey our message.

Learning from visual storytelling is already popular in the realm of education today; especially in schools and higher educational institutes where a lot of knowledge is being shared and learned through stories. Storytelling through LEGO® has been one of the most popular means used by teachers to make complex things or concepts easy to understand – the sheer versatility of LEGO® bricks enables teachers to help students learn. To enhance the learning experience, LEGO® Education introduced its StoryStarter kit and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for Education methodology that are increasingly being used to make students express their ideas more creatively. Using LEGO® StoryStarter kit, students can build their stories by creating their very own scene, developing the roles for their characters and carrying out the plot of their story using LEGO® bricks. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for Education is an active method that encourages innovative thinking and learning through play.

LEGO®’s storytelling potential – more importantly, its creative dimension of building and reflecting ideas  – has not only been embraced by teachers and kids, but also by professional scientists. Many scientists have used LEGO® bricks to explain and demonstrate intricate human genomics, cellular pathways and hypothetical mechanisms.

Another example of immersive storytelling through LEGO® can be seen in the movie, The Lego Movie. The LEGO®-themed movie engaged and delighted the audience, and brought the LEGO® characters to life through CGI storytelling. With LEGO® bricks, the possibilities of storytelling across various mediums are endless.


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