A Chat With AFOL MINDSTORMS Experts – Gui Constantino and Gui Lima

AFOLs - LEGO MINDSTORMS Experts Interview

A Chat With AFOL MINDSTORMS Experts from Brazil

We’re so excited to announce that Gui Constantino and Gui Lima, LEGO® MINDSTORMS experts will be traveling all the way from Brazil to be with us at STACK in a few weeks! These AFOLs have over 20 years of experience with LEGO®, specialising in robotics. Learn a bit about them below:

Lego Mindstroms AFOLs


Firstly, what is your earliest memory of LEGO®?

Gui Lima: My first LEGO® set was given to me on my 7th birthday, the most amazing and full of life toy of all. Since then I have never left the hobby to create and innovate creating everything that I can with the pieces I have and to share with students the possibilities of creation using them.

Gui Constantino: That’s a great question, I started playing with LEGO® when I was 4 years old, I remember it was a box that I was building many things and so was born my passion.

What got you into building with LEGO®?

Gui Lima: The possibility to create something totally out of my head. When I was a kid I always played with toys created by big brands, but I always had to dismantle it and use all the lights and motors to create my own cars, robots and figures. Once I received my first LEGO® set I had the opportunity to create anything that I like without disassembling anything else. That was my opportunity to show to my parents that I had the imagination to create anything.

Gui Constantino: I use LEGO® as a prototyping tool, try to give life to many ideas that come to mind, to imagine and build robots as they would be used in the real world. This is the case of my latest MINDSTORMS creation called Kangaroo. When I get inspired by the mechanism and engineering concepts in my robot, I am happy. I like to say “don’t ask me to tell you what I can do, give me LEGO® pieces and I will show you!”

Do you find that there is a large worldwide AFOL community and how do you keep in touch with each other and collaborate?

Gui Lima: I like to use web-forums to share and learn new techniques that we normally use. But most important of all is to share the creations on Flickr (if stationary) or on YouTube (if it moves). Using social media I was able to share my name and creations to make new friends all around the world.

Gui Constantino: I’m proud to be part of the MINDSTORMS Community Partners (MCP) a group of over 30 passionate MINDSTORMS users from around the world selected by the LEGO® MINDSTORMS team at LEGO. We get to exchange ideas, come up with new concepts like RobotRemix, discuss programming software and apps etc,  all this with some of the greatest minds of the community such as Yoshihito Isogawa from Japan and Marc-Andre Bazergui from Canada to name just a few.

What are you looking forward to most about attending STACK in Dubai?

Gui Lima: I would like to share more on what I love to create. Create new robots, machines and structures that elevates the possibilities to build. I know that it is easier to build a building, a house or a park, but, why not create something that you can interact with or to create move movement on it. That’s my goal, to share the possibilities to create something different everyday and to show that to the kids.

Gui Constantino: I am very eager and happy to attend an event in the Middle East, It is very rewarding when your hobby brings you so far away from home. It helps me show people how far being passionate about something can bring you.

What will you be building and how long do you think it will take you?

Gui Lima: I am building a LEGO® Factory using many of the automation possibilities that we normally have in a real one. That will show to kids that we can create things that are beautiful and complex at same time.

Gui Constantino: Kangaroo I consists of the main robot which has an articulated gripper arm and a camera, in its belly a hatch can be open and out comes a mini robot called Spy that also has a GoPro mounted on it. This is my famous robot designed rescue people in disaster area, artifact disarmament or simply terrain surveys.

Mindstorms AFOL

Book your tickets to STACK today to meet these two amazing AFOLS in person, see their fantastic creations and learn lots more about robotics, LEGO® MINDSTORMS and more. With over 35 exciting attractions and lots of prizes to be won, STACK 2016 will be the family fun event you can’t miss!