Learning Maths with LEGO®

Learning Maths with LEGO®

Learning Maths with LEGO®

Parents and teachers across the world know the value of LEGO® – not just for playtime, these colourful interlocking bricks play an enormously essential part in education. From encouraging innovation and invention at a young age to providing an all-round edutainment experience, LEGO® bricks engage every kid’s creative and problem-solving skills in a dynamic setting.

Maths is probably the most fundamental subject we learn in school. It is a subject that inadvertently gets applied in daily life no matter what profession we choose to pursue later on in life. Once we learn the basics of mathematics, the theories, logic and problem-solving abilities taken away are activated throughout each day.

So how can you use LEGO® to teach Maths? As the education model shifts and advances year after year, the tools and techniques used undergo major improvements as well. Most schools no longer use blackboards and chalk, but opt for a white board or even digital screens. Instead of working out maths problems on a board in front of the classroom, many teachers are now choosing to let children play with physical LEGO® bricks to demonstrate the practical aspects of maths.

The interlocking colourful bricks can be used to exhibit fractions. For a child just learning to grasp the complexities of fractions, there is no better way than visualising the numbers and divisions than by putting together and taking apart LEGO® bricks. LEGO® bricks come in different shapes and sizes, with the ability to interlock with one another forming halves and quarters of the bigger shape. Take a look at how this school teacher regularly uses LEGO® to demonstrate this.


image source: Design You Trust


We’ve spoken extensively about the benefits of LEGO® in robotics. Playing with LEGO® bricks from a young age stirs up the mathematical and calculating parts of the brain that encourages children to develop their creative innovation skills. Stacking LEGO® bricks together to make various geometrical shapes teaches young children about symmetry, spatial awareness, basic architecture and design; all of which need maths to function.

Even for the littlest ones, LEGO® DUPLO bricks can be used to practice counting, numbers and grouping. DUPLO bricks improve hand-eye coordination, engage young children in creative building and serve as a fun bonding activity with parent and child.

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