Back to Basics – Fun Activities for Adults in Dubai

Fun Activities for Adults in Dubai

Back to Basics – Fun Activities for Adults in Dubai

While shopping, traipsing the city and lazing around on the golden sandy beaches of Dubai may seem appealing, there are so many other fun things to do in the city. Dubai offers more than its fair share of fun activities for adults that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Here are some of those activities you cannot miss during your holidays.

Enjoy plenty of desert fun activities on a private desert safari

Nothing screams Dubai like plenty of sun, sea and of course, sand! If you are game for some desert fun, then drive a quad bike into the golden sandy landscape of Dubai, or ski down some of the best sand dunes in the region. For a more traditional ride across the desert, camelback safari is the best. You can even hop on a 4×4 and the entire Arabian Desert is yours to explore. The desert camp experience – will certainly satiate all your desert fancies and is one that should not be missed – includes a taste of traditional Arabic culture, warm hospitality and delicious Arabic food at a traditional Bedouin camp in the desert. You can also take a picture with a tamed Falcon on your shoulder, as a photo souvenir.

Get an adrenaline rush skydiving in Dubai

A much sought-after activity in Dubai for those who love adventure is Skydiving. Take the plunge from 4,000 meters in the sky, fly above the clouds and free fall at 120 kmph in an experience of a lifetime with Skydive Dubai. You can choose one of the two skydiving experiences – Tandem Skydive and Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). Tandem Skydive is best for first time skydivers and involves free falling with the aid of a tandem instructor, who is strapped on to the skydiver through a harness. Whereas, AFF is a solo freefalling experience in the scenic Palm and Desert Campus drop zones with a mandatory, structured training program based on United States Parachuting Association called First Jump Course (FJC) that teaches new skydivers to make their first jump safely and efficiently.

Team up with your friends to play fun escape games in Dubai

One of the numerous to-dos on everyone’s list while holidaying in Dubai, is a live escape game experience. If you prefer playing some games with loads of mystery, nerve-racking puzzles, and anxiety to escape a locked room against the clock, then there is a slew of such choose-your-own-adventure-style live escape game experiences in Dubai. HintHunt Dubai, Escape Quest, Challenge Chambers are few places in Dubai that you can try. Perfect for those corporate team building activities too!

Try some cool water sports in Dubai

Looking for a way to enjoy your time outdoors? Dubai will not disappoint you. Apart from having miles and miles of golden sandy beaches, Dubai is blessed with aquamarine water to pique your interest in some marine leisure activities. There are plenty of water sports activities that can be enjoyed any time of the year, from motor boating and jet skiing to Fly Fish adventure and flyboarding. Go to any of the water sports centers in Dubai to choose your own water sport adventure and get started.

Get captivated by creative performances at the Dubai Opera

For those with a sophisticated palate, Dubai offers the best selection of operatic performances and musical theater masterpieces at the Dubai Opera. Considered as the regional cultural icon and the premier center for creative arts in the country, the Dubai Opera brings the region’s dazzling art scene, culture and audio-visual performances in one place. Be impressed by the heavenly architecture of Dubai Opera that resembles the Arabian dhow and the breathtaking design elements of the Opera District, which is adjacent to the Burj Khalifa the Dubai Fountain. It boasts museums, art galleries, design studios, retail and recreational spaces. If you are an Opera aficionado, you could watch the heavyweights of the opera world, such as Tenor Placido Domingo, and various world-class musicians, theater artists and ballet dancers perform in this cultural venue.

Explore fun things to do in Dubai at STACK

Need a fun activity to keep yourself engaged? Head over to STACK – the largest event for fans of LEGO® in the Middle East – in Skydive Dubai from the 19th to 22nd of October 2016 to enjoy a one-of-a-kind indoor fun experience. It is a great place for everyone to enjoy endless possibilities of fun LEGO® play and awesome LEGO® attractions. Treat yourself to an extraordinary atmosphere where you can have a fantastic time building unique creations, participate in fun games and challenges with your partner, and meet Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOLs). There are cool prizes up for grabs in this four-day LEGO® extravaganza. Book your tickets here. Happy STACK-ing!