Superhero LEGO® Inspirations

Superhero LEGO® Inspirations

Superhero LEGO® Inspirations

We all have fond memories of some amazing toys that were synonymous with our childhood days. As kids, we all have played with toys ranging from battle toys to cool action figures and battery-operated toy robots. They were more than just our playthings; they were our prized possessions. Some of these toys were collectible figures from movies, TV Shows, cartoons, and of course, superheroes from DC Comics and Marvel etc. Years down the line with these toys, and we still embrace and treasure them. Although, as adults, we may believe that we are getting too old for toys, we are never too old to benefit from LEGO® – the classic, addictive, colorful building blocks that gave us the power to expand our imaginations and build our own nifty creations.

Perhaps, that is the reason why we still jump with excitement when our little ones come up to us to help them build a LEGO® minifigure they have been struggling to build. Although some purists might disapprove of this, we still like getting our hands on our kid’s LEGO® pile and make excuses to play with them. Some of us even collect LEGO® minifigures, especially the collectible series of action figures that LEGO® is extremely popular for – LEGO® Super Hero figures.

LEGO® Super Heroes set features everyone’s favorites, from Avengers, Batman, Spiderman and many more iconic superhero characters that we have grown watching and reading about. It is absolute fun to recreate one’s favorite battle scenes and scenarios with LEGO® Super Heroes set.

LEGO® has three Super Hero product lines catering for kids of all ages, beginning with LEGO® DUPLO which is double the size of regular LEGO® bricks perfect for kids older than 18 months. Kids can be introduced to a combination of DUPLO and regular LEGO® blocks as they grow up. For kids older than 4 years, LEGO® JUNIORS is perfect as it has regular LEGO® bricks and quick start elements, such as single-use pieces of walls and frames, that help kids build faster and populate their LEGO® city with minifigures, vehicles and more.

Everyone’s favorite is the LEGO® Super Heroes themed set, which is specially designed for kids older than 5 years. Introduced in 2012, the LEGO® Super Heroes set comes in two subthemes, featuring Super Heroes from DC Universe – with Super Heroes like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern series, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash – and Marvel Universe – with Super Heroes like Spiderman, X-Men, the Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Captain America and the Avengers – based on DC and Marvel Comics respectively. Both the DC Universe Super Heroes theme and the Marvel Super Heroes theme feature stories and characters spanning the entire DC universe and Marvel Universe that bring these superheroes to life and inspire pretend play.



If piecing together thousands of LEGO® bricks to build a multicolor Superhero LEGO® inspiration of epic proportions sounds like fun to you, then join in on the STACK-ing brigade and kick your imagination into gear at STACK – the largest event for fans of LEGO® in the Middle East – in Dubai from the 19th to 22nd of October 2016. See the pure joy on your kid’s faces as they play LEGO® games, take part in LEGO® building activities and explore more than 35 exciting attractions. Don’t forget that STACK is also the place to be for adults looking to release their inner child; it will be a place for them to meet Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOL) and their LEGO® creations, do freestyle LEGO® construction exercises inspired by Super Hero movies, and take part in building challenges and contests. What’s more! There are cool prizes to be won all throughout this four-day LEGO® extravaganza. So hurry up and book your tickets here. Happy STACK-ing!