LEGO® For Preschoolers – LEGO® DUPLO

LEGO® DUPLO For Preschoolers

LEGO® for Preschoolers

All kids are inherently creative and love to play. They are surrounded by many different types of toys and materials that allow them to understand how diverse this world is and give them hours of creative entertainment. Although, toys provide kids with good play opportunities and allow them to understand how the world works around them, the best play experiences are had with toys that are safe, stimulating and educational.

Exposing kids to the right kind of stimulation that fosters their creativity and motivates learning at a young age is important – for some this stimulus may be arts and crafts and for some it could be building activities. LEGO® DUPLO  is perfect for those looking for brain-boosting and skill-building toys to engage the creativity of their pre-kindergartner or preschooler. Being a great toy to introduce kids to the fun of building, LEGO® DUPLO has a range of LEGO® bricks specially designed for kids aged 18 months to 5 years. What is unique about LEGO® DUPLO is that it helps nurture building skills, improves hand-to-eye coordination, and promotes fine motor skills by helping kids recognize and sort different bricks based on their sizes, shapes and colors.

LEGO® DUPLO bricks are two times bigger than the ordinary LEGO® bricks, and are perfect for small hands, making them big enough to protect kids from choking, and extremely safe in their hands. Initially when it was launched in 1969, DUPLO only had bright colored bricks in yellow, red, green, and blue. However, now there are darker shades and colors like tan, dark-tan, brown, light gray, dark-gray, and black, have been added to the DUPLO range of LEGO®. Most of the DUPLO sets available now include cars, trucks, buildings and figures. Some of the DUPLO licensed figures include the Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’,  ‘Minecraft’,  ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ etc.

Play experiences with LEGO® DUPLO are shareable as well; it is a great tool to increase contact time between parents and their kids. While allowing kids to create their own masterpieces by mixing and matching bricks, DUPLO sets also make it easier for kids to build simple structures with the easy-to-follow instruction guide.


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