Best LEGO® Creations To Inspire Your Next Build

Best LEGO® Creations

Best LEGO® creations

While we have been inundated with our own little LEGO masterpieces, it is no child’s play to build some of the biggest and most amazing LEGO® creations. Many large-scale dioramas and workable LEGO® structures have set their place in LEGO® history as some of the best LEGO® creations ever. So, here are our picks for the best LEGO® creations from around the world.

World’s first full-size air-powered LEGO® car

In 2013, two boys from Romania – 20-year-old Raul Oaida and his partner, Australian entrepreneur, Steve Sammartino – built a fully functional hot rod from LEGO® bricks, what’s amazing is that the car runs on compressed air-powered LEGO® radial engine. Dubbed the Super Awesome Micro Project, this crowd-funded project seats two passengers and can reach a top speed of 20mph. It took 20 months, $60,000 and 500,000 pieces of LEGO® bricks to put this beauty together. Although, this LEGO® masterpiece was built in Romania, it was shipped to Melbourne for test drive.

LEGO® USS Missouri

It took 3 years for Jim McDonough, a LEGO® enthusiast from Scotland, to build a 24ft model of the 890ft US warship – USS Missouri. All parts of the flotilla, including battleships, a fleet of aircraft carriers, shells, missiles, planes, fishing vessels and landing craft have been assembled without gluing LEGO® bricks together.

James May’s LEGO® House

When Top Gear’s Presenter James May decided to build a house, he wanted to do something different. He chose to make it purely out of LEGO® bricks. May made a full-size habitable house using LEGO® bricks with the help of more than a thousand volunteers. A whopping 3.2 million LEGO® bricks were used to build the two-storey plasticized Technicolor house. The architectural details, room furnishings, and fixtures of the house are all made up of LEGO® bricks. The house has a flushable toilet, working taps and basin, shower, a bed, a newspaper, and a LEGO® version of May’s cat. A garden, palm trees, vegetable patch, grapevine, lawn and a pond further punctuate the house. This year, May got the house dismantled after failing to find a buyer.

World’s tallest LEGO® tower

In June 2015, more than 50,000 spectators witnessed the construction of an extraordinary structure that is now the tallest LEGO® tower in the world. The 35.05m structure of half a million colorful LEGO® bricks holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest LEGO® tower in the world, and it was built at an Italian LEGO® event in Milan. The colorful LEGO® tower set the stage for a creative teamwork from thousands of volunteers and LEGO® enthusiasts who built it from scratch in a matter of 5 days.

Bricasso – World’s first LEGO® Printer

Built by popular LEGO® artist Jason Allemann, Bricasso is a LEGO® mosaic printer that prints 2D mosaics. Bricasso is purely made from LEGO® bricks and Mindstorm EV3 set. It uses the Mindstorms EV3 color scanner to reproduce any image using LEGO® plates, and can print images in up to nine colors.


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image credit – The Daily Mail