Benefits of LEGO® for Adults – Let Out Your Inner Child at STACK Dubai

Benefits of LEGO® for Adults

Benefits of LEGO® for Adults

Who doesn’t love the educational yet timeless toy that is LEGO®? Colorful, challenging, and creative – LEGO® has been a beloved game since the 1950s, and is now the biggest toy maker in the world. From simple interlocking bricks and sets to more intricate, poseable minifigures and programmable bricks, LEGO® runs the gamut of kid’s construction toys for all ages.

There is something about LEGO® that appeals to both kids and adults. LEGO®’s simplicity, flexibility and power to breathe life into our imagination, makes it a toy that helps us reconnect with our inner child. Many adults are showing an increased interest in playing with LEGO®. Some secretly play with these colorful blocks, while others display their full-fledged passion for building through their creations. There are passionate Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOL) who promote LEGO® games as a practical hobby for adults, and feed their passions and larger interests along the way.

Although, LEGO® is better known for fostering creativity and a love of learning in kids, its psychological and therapeutic benefits for adults are just as good. A majority of adults find LEGO® games very relaxing and therapeutic. Most notably, British Soccer star David Beckham who claims to have bought the Taj Mahal set and the Tower Bridge set to help him relax.

Play is beneficial for adults just as it is for kids, and it is integral to our mental and emotional health. Incorporating a little bit of playfulness in your life can enhance your health greatly, and LEGO® lets you do just that. Through LEGO®, you explore and innovate in a way that encourages you to take risks while building perseverance. This invariably helps you perform complex tasks with ease, and improves areas of the brain associated with motor skills and problem-solving. LEGO® also sparks your creativity. Building and assembling a model using LEGO® bricks is a creative outlet, which can bring out the hidden designer in you. AFOLs use larger LEGO® sets, which are an extension of the existing architectural line that focuses more on display and design, to get a creative fixation. LEGO® play also teaches you a thing or two about patience and perseverance as it takes a while to build the simple dioramas you need, after several trials and errors. Some adults use LEGO® as a means of coping with stress, anxiety and mental disorders, while others look at it as a way to get in touch with their inner child.


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