Robotics in LEGO®: Innovation & Invention with LEGO® for Children

Robotics in LEGO

Robotics in LEGO®: Innovation and Invention

Children in today’s world are growing up in a more digitally aware environment. They are imbibing a lot of information from a generation of advanced technology and engineering at a faster pace than before.As technology is becoming a life skill in its own right, schools and educational institutes are teaching kids about technology and engineering at an elementary level. Early childhood educators are fast adopting a curriculum that facilitates STEM-based learning in small kids; they are cultivating a love of science, technology and engineering in kids through robotics.

Educational Robotics offers a playful and tactile learning practice for kids to engage with the concepts of technology and engineering during early childhood education in a developmentally appropriate manner. Robotic activities and manipulatives have been able to seamlessly integrate technology and engineering into different subject areas, feeding a kid’s innate curiosity and wonder about the physical and digital world. In addition to giving kids a stronger understanding of mathematical concepts and computational thinking through STEM-based concepts, robotics programs develop their fine motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination and creative problem-solving ability.

LEGO® has an innovative body of teaching and learning method based on LEGO® Robotics kits that allow kids to unleash their inventive side and build sophisticated structures, robots, and minifigures using a set of building materials that come with easy instructions and downloadable programs. From easy to assemble dioramas for beginners to programmable robots for older kids, LEGO® has a variety of robotic kits. These kits also allow kids to creatively explore the fields of design and construction, as they come up with their own mechanical creations, robots and minifigures.

Using LEGO MINDSTORMS® kits, kids can build customizable, programmable robots. The kit contains programmable brick computers, modular sensors, motors, connectors, adapters and programmable software. The creation can also be programmed to complete a mission. Kids can write the program needed to run the creation through basic programming language and sequential coding. The creation and its mission can be easily modified after it has passed the trial-and-error testing phase, giving kids the flexibility and freedom to invent new robots and test their limits.

LEGO® keeps innovating and inventing new toys, keeping children at the heart of it all while launching new products. LEGO® Education, the learning division of the LEGO® Group, has an award winning robotics-based learning system called WeDo 2.0 that teaches elementary school kids how to write a computer code and develop computational thinking. LEGO® education can improve how kids learn through unspecified or unrestricted curriculum and enhance their success in higher education by preparing them for tomorrow’s challenges.



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