Edutainment: Make Learning Fun with LEGO® at STACK

Make Learning Fun with LEGO®

Edutainment: Making Learning Fun with LEGO®

Learning shapes the individuality and feeds the curiosity of a child. Although, every kid learns effectively in different ways, there is one thing that is common among all kids – their love for fun.Kids learn best when they are having fun. This is why play-based learning is so crucial during a kid’s early years. Edutainment or playful learning is a learning system that provides kids with a sense of engagement, interaction and entertainment that helps facilitate better understanding of the subject they are taught.

Learning through active play, games, and fun activities – such as, reciting stories, role-playing, singing songs, playing with numerical/alphabetical blocks or magnets, drawing, painting, playdough building, coloring, counting games and sorting objects – breeds positive attitudes towards learning and helps kids work through their problems as they arise in real-life situations.

Kids have always learnt particularly well while creating and building things. Learning by doing, through designing and constructing things, is better than learning by teaching and has lifelong benefits. While learning with edutainment toys is both fun and engaging, there is no better brain-boosting toy than LEGO® to get your kids started with.

Why LEGO®?

LEGO® provides a platform for open-ended creative learning and encourages a kid’s learning journey. In addition to fostering STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills, spatial ability and basic academic skills, kids also develop social and emotional skills through sharing and cooperating with others during LEGO® play activities.

An important aspect of LEGO® is the fact that a play with these colored bricks is not only fun, but also experiential, in that if kids go wrong in the construction and building process, it does not really hold any serious consequences; the flexibility of the bricks keeps the game fresh from one round to another. This helps kids develop their emotional intelligence, cope well with the experience of winning and losing, and build their resilience to start over when things fall apart. LEGO® is good for encouraging kids to be self-motivated, and makes them relate well to the real world through diverse play experiences.

LEGO®, in addition to the use of fun factor, involves interlocking the brightly colored bricks in different combinations and patterns to fine tune motor development in kids. Apart from getting your kid’s creative juices flowing, LEGO® inspires them to put their critical thinking to good use through tactical challenges and hands-on dynamic activities, honing their problem-solving abilities. A play with LEGO® also gives kids the opportunity to develop creative approaches to learning life skills.


Make learning fun with LEGO® at STACK– the largest event for fans of LEGO® in the Middle East! Join us at STACK in Skydive Dubai from the 19th to 22nd of October 2016 to enjoy a one-of-a-kind indoor family experience. It is a great place for the budding builders and curious minds to enjoy endless possibilities of fun LEGO® play activities and awesome attractions in each of our zones. Kids will be treated to an extraordinary atmosphere where they will have a fantastic time building unique creations and participating in fun games, competitions and challenges. Adults can also join in the STACK-ing brigade at this crowd-pleasing event to meet Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFOL) and do freestyle LEGO® building. There are cool prizes up for grabs in this four-day LEGO® extravaganza. Book your tickets here. Happy STACK-ing!