Start them Young: Activities for Kids & What’s in Store at STACK Dubai

Activities for Small Kids in Dubai

Start them Young: Activities for Small Kids

A child’s mind is very curious of the surrounding world and the things around it. As such, kids tend to explore their surroundings and interact with them using all of their senses. Through age-appropriate activities, educational games, and sports activities, small kids will develop and learn to their full potential.

The importance of playtime for kids cannot be reiterated enough. It is critical to help kids establish healthy behaviour and manners that they will carry into their childhood, adolescence and later adulthood. As kids spend a large amount of their time with their parents and friends, their development will depend on the type of physical activities they are encouraged to do. Limiting screen time and promoting more unstructured physical activities with adequate play equipment and indoor play spaces will benefit kids profoundly.

A child’s brain is more impressionable and open to learning than that of an adult. Early experiences and new learnings shape kids’ lives and the way their brains develop, and the most effective learning comes from daily playtime. Small children develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally through fun, hands-on activities and stimulation-based learning every day.

Some good examples of hands-on activities that kids can do are as follows:

Working on puzzles – A play with puzzles – from simple shapes and silhouettes, to jigsaw and Tangrams puzzles – is good for your kid’s curious mind and cognitive development.
Making collages – This simple art activity greatly encourages creative playtime and improves motor development in kids. Collages encourage children to create something out of nothing.
Painting, colouring and sketching – Art and crafts help promote their artistic and creative side, consequently boosting their self-confidence and social skills.
Helping in household chores, such as cleaning, measuring solid and liquid ingredients for cooking, setting the table, sorting silverware into sets of forks, knives and spoons are some very good movement-based tasks that give kids a sense of responsibility, and help build emotional intelligence and self-confidence. Simple baking recipes are a great way for children to see where their food comes from, appreciate healthy eating and even learn math and science.
Playing board games – This one activity is a great way to spend quality contact time with your kids. Depending on the complexity of the board games played, kids can build their social, physical, analytical, cognitive, negotiation and logical skills – and encourage them to work as a team.
Some outdoor activities that help fine-tune your kid’s motor skills are – balancing things, running, galloping, dancing, jumping ropes, playing with water and sand, etc.



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