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Adult Fans of LEGO® in Dubai

Introduction to AFOL

The term AFOL or ‘Adult Fans of Lego’ refers to adult followers and patrons of LEGO® who have continued or reignited their passion for these colourful bricks in their older years. AFOLs are also known as ALE (Adult LEGO Enthusiast), ALH (Adult LEGO Hobbyist) and even TFOL (Teen Fan of Lego). An AFOL today can be of any age and gender and come from various backgrounds and societies.

There’s something about LEGO® that makes it timeless. We immediately associate LEGO® with curiously happy memories of our childhood, no matter where we grew up or where we came from.  Part of the attraction AFOLs have towards LEGO® is the nostalgia it brings. Adult Fans of LEGO® are like any other hobbyists. AFOLs spend their spare time planning out and executing creations out of their LEGO® bricks; bricks that have been collected over many years. If you speak to any AFOL, you will immediately see how passionate they are of their work. Most of them begin their LEGO® fan journey quite by accident. They stumble upon an old LEGO® set from the past, or purchase a new set of blocks for a child and end up playing with it themselves.

The 1990s changed the game of LEGO® for AFOLs forever. With the introduction of motors and robotics, and the release of Mindstorms, Adult Fans of LEGO® could really experiment with their creativity and invest a lot more time, effort and money into building LEGO® creations that were more on the lines of mechanical inventions, scientific models and architectural designs. AFOLs usually have a dedicated LEGO® room in their house where they store their LEGO® bricks, usually sorted out by colour. There are also many AFOL couples around the world who have met through their shared passion for LEGO® and have incorporated this creative outlet into their daily life.

There are various clubs, societies and events around the world where AFOLs can meet and share ideas and display their awesome MOCs – My Own Creations. Some popular themes for MOCs include spaceships, famous landmarks, castles, fictional characters and much more.

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