The Importance of Playtime for Your Child

playtime for children

The Importance of Playtime for Your Child

It is probably the most accurate statement someone made about kids: play is children’s work. Kids love to play and their drive to play is strong regardless of how many toys and games they own. They have fun and at the same time learn a lot while playing.

Playtime is very crucial to a kid’s development in every manner; a great deal of their physical, mental and social-emotional development is achieved through effective playtime. Playtime not only provides an outlet for young kids to further their imagination and express their creativity, but also helps them realize a great deal about their body and the world around them, putting all five of their senses to good use.

It was not long ago that parents were discussing how much TV their kids should watch. And now with the ongoing flood of technology, gadgets and mobile devices our little ones cannot seem to keep their hands off tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, gaming consoles, car monitors, interactive tech-related toys, so on and so forth.

With a never-ending list of gadgets being marketed to kids of all ages, it is just becoming harder to keep up with their demands and manage their screen time. These gadgets are merely taking away a lot of quality playtime from kids and restricting their creativity. Their life experiences are increasingly becoming mediated by technology. Also, the added burden of school assignments, homework and organized leisure-time activities has made it all the more difficult for kids to make time for some active pursuits, unstructured playtime and spontaneous play.

It is time to disconnect your kids from technology and connect them to the present with active playtime, or make sure this technology is used in a beneficial way. It is important to bring the spontaneous, free and imaginative play back into your kid’s life and help them exercise key socio-behavioural qualities and cognitive skills – most importantly, qualities such as independence, creativity, curiosity, problem solving and risk-taking skills.

By encouraging kids to have more playtime to themselves, parents can greatly boost their kid’s overall development; all that your kid needs is a bit more time, a safe space and a lot of imagination.

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