What Awesome Lessons Can the LEGO® Movie Teach You?


Spoiler Warning – We are going to be talking, in-depth, about one of the best films to have ever come out in recent years, The LEGO® Movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, then go away and watch it – you really won’t be disappointed!

At STACK EVENTS we really believe that this is the best film in the world and it isn’t just entertaining, it’s got some awesome lessons that can be learned from it. While we follow a cool LEGO® guy called Emmet through his epic adventure, you can’t help but to pick up some of the subtexts within the movie.

For those of you who missed it the first time, here’s what you can gain from the LEGO® Movie

Teamwork is Awesome

Seriously, Teamwork is massively important and the LEGO® Movie shows this brilliantly. By working together you can bring in different skills and experience in order to create things that are better than anyone could have done individually. Making sure that you support others within your community and work together towards a common goal will help to build a connectivity that can be built upon brick by brick.

Lego Movie 1


Don’t Sacrifice Creativity

Being creative is a blessing and it’s something that makes each individual unique. You should always strive to achieve something new and creative, putting things together and experimenting rather than adhering strictly to the rules. Trying new things helps to develop character, expands the mind and works to build practical intelligence that’s hard to come across any other way than by experimenting.

It’s Ok to Not be Perfect

At the start of the film, we find that Emmet’s whole philosophy is built on the idea that everything needs to be made perfectly in accordance to the instructions. However, we could see that in following directions every day the creativity was sapped out of Emmet until he was barely unique and wasn’t being true to himself. Once things took a turn, we quickly found out that following the crowd isn’t the best way to ensure you have a happy life.

 Following the Rules is Good

Yes, it sounds like we’re contradicting ourselves here but let us explain it. Emmet wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if he’s been the same as the Master Builders and completely set fire to the rule book. Following the rules can be very beneficial, although there will be times when simply going along with everything that’s happening isn’t the best course of action. Knowing when to follow and when to lead are huge life lessons that can be learned from this awesome film!

lego movie 2


Kindness is Important

In this world you can be smart or you can be pleasant, of the two being pleasant can be much more rewarding. Take Emmet for example, he wasn’t the smartest guy in LEGO® town – in fact, he was pretty stupid at points – but his kindness towards the other characters, including Lord Business, is invaluable. If you’re kind to people then they’ll be kind to you and this is invaluable, especially when trying to get ahead in life.

Confidence Can be Learned

Being confident comes naturally to some people, but not everyone and that’s fine. But just because you’re not naturally confident doesn’t mean that you can’t be without trying. When people believe in you and you find out what it is that you’re good at then you’ll find that you’ll become more confident in that area of your life. Knowing what this confidence feels like can allow you to transfer it over to other aspects of your life. What’s more, by encouraging others on a regular basis and making sure they feel special can help to grow their confidence.

So go out there and be awesome everyone!