15 Ways LEGO® Can Drastically Improve Your Life


LEGO® is awesome, there’s simply no denying it.

If you’ve ever felt the pure joy of creating a masterpiece from nothing but little, click-together bricks then you know exactly what we’re talking about. But besides being incredibly fun, LEGO® has the ability to drastically improve your life in a multitude of ways!

Looking for an excuse to play with more LEGO®? Here are 15 ways this toy can improve your life:


#1 Improve Creativity

Lego and Creativity


With LEGO®, the sky is the limit. Forget about box sets and following instructions, grab yourself an assortment of bricks and see what you can come up with. Regularly playing with LEGO® in this way helps to engage your creative flare across all areas of your life.


#2 Follow Instructions

Conversely to the above point, by following the instructions on LEGO® sets – especially the more complex ones – you will quickly become better at following instructions. While that’s not really surprising, you will notice that you become better at understanding, translating and reading into instructions found elsewhere.


#3 Allows You Time to Relax

lego and relaxation


Some people just don’t stop and smell the roses. Making sure that you allocate specific time for playing with LEGO® gives you a chance to unwind. This then works in reducing stress, aiding sleep and improving your general wellbeing.


#4 Build Better Relationships

Lego and relationship


If you’re one of those people who never stops, then LEGO® could provide you with the time you need to work on relationships – whether that’s with family or friends. Building together requires communication, organisation and cooperation, all of which are very important traits to have in everyday life.


#5 Provides an Interest

There are a huge amount of mental and physical benefits tied into having a hobby and all of these directly translate to you if playing with LEGO® becomes an active interest. Not only that, but you will always have a talking point to fall back on if all else fails!


#6 Develops Employable Skills

Lego and Employable Skills


Most engineers and architects play with LEGO®, because many of the aspects of this toy directly translates to real world building. Playing with this construction toy can help you to develop actual employable skills – who knows you could even get a job designing LEGO® sets!


#7 Pushes Progression

Stuck in a rut? LEGO® makes you strive to complete your set, helping you overcome obstacles, pushing you to progress off your own back. Sure, you could give up and try something else but then you wouldn’t have a really cool model to show off or play with.


#8 Create Your Own Rules

Lego and Own Rules


Similarly to improve creativity, playing in this way allows you to create your own little worlds with their own rules. This works to improve your life by helping you understand the importance of rules and structure within society – even a small LEGO® society. It’s also a pretty good way to learn managerial skills in a relaxed, controlled environment.


#9 Improves Memory

Actively playing with LEGO® forces your brain to stay active, helping you to be better at remembering. While you may think that this is more of a perk for AFOL, starting young is a great way to keep your mind sharp throughout your life.


#10 Alone Time

As well as having time dedicated to relaxing, LEGO® can provide you with an escape from everything but your imagination. In an era of extreme connectivity, this provides a highly welcomed break.


#11 Better Math Skills

Lego and Maths Skills


You can use LEGO® to visually improve the learning of math, but also regularly playing with these blocks will have you quickly adding up numbers to create your masterpiece. This means that you’ll be able to do some quick mental arithmetic without even thinking about it.


#12 Problem Solving

You know when those plans don’t go to… well, plan? Playing with LEGO® prepares you for this, especially those times when you have to improvise halfway through building because you realised you missed a step.


#13 Money Making

Lego and Money Making


There’s loads of ways that you could make money from LEGO®, from having LEGO® create your set design and give you royalties, to building little odds-and-ends to sell or even creating full-blown works of art! Combine that creativity of yours with your favourite little bricks to bring in an actual income.


#14 Understand How Things Work

It’s surprising how many people go through life without understanding how things work. Playing with LEGO® gives you a much better idea of how things are pieced together and created – useful for a wide range of real life applications.


#15 Add More Colour

There just isn’t enough colour in the world, luckily LEGO® comes in absolutely every colour imaginable. Build things, create awesome structures and add some much needed colour to your life – it’s been proven that colour helps to improve happiness.

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