Most Anticipated New LEGO® for 2016

each LEGO Brand creates a themed space for our guests to engage, play and
learn.  STACK will bring these brands to life through exciting experiences, like ninja training 

with NINJAGO, taking on the STAR WARS obstacle course or learning to dance with 

FRIENDES characters. There are no restrictions to how many times you can visit each area or 

how long you’re allowed to stay for.

A new year means one thing… NEW LEGO®!

*Pause for screams, cheers and celebrations*

But the real question here is what is there to look forward to? Well, to answer your question here are the most anticipated new LEGO® sets for 2016:

Minifigure in a Wheelchair

LEGO® have announced their first figure using a wheelchair, which will be available to buy from June. This is part of the new LEGO® city minifigures which also features a baby stroller and baby, dog and a hotdog stand!

LEGO® City

Lego City

Looking to expand your LEGO® City further but have everything there is? Well, there are some new LEGO® features for 2016 that should leave you pretty content. We’re looking at around 39 new LEGO® City additions with some highlights being:

Prison Island Helicopter
Mini Dumper
Sports Car
Airport Starter Set
Fire ATV
Fire Station
Fire Boat
Rally Car
4×4 Off Roader
Van and Caravan

With many, many more new features additions and add ons to previous kits, these sets will definitely make your LEGO® City look the bees knees.

New Cities

Keep your eyes open for some famous architecture from cities around the world – 2016 will bring some famous skylines and buildings from:

New York City
Burj Khalifa
Buckingham Palace
United States Capitol Building

These will be great collector’s pieces and could work well together or separately!

You Can Bank on it!

One of the most advanced new LEGO® sets to be coming out this year is the 10251: Brick Bank which will have 2380 pieces to it including 5 minifigs. While this may look awesome, it’s been labelled for expert builders so it may be a bit too advanced for your little ones. It would make a perfect gift for AFOLs though, so if you know someone who can’t get enough of LEGO® then you may just have found their birthday present this year!

Angry Birds

Expect a few more pigs to get hit by some very Angry Birds this year, as six new Angry Birds LEGO® sets hit the shelves. There’s everything from the Piggy Pirate Ship to the King Pig’s Castle and even car escapes and plane attacks – collect them all for an awesome collection or pick and choose your favourite scenes from the classic video game.

New Minifigures

Think you’ve already seen every minifig that’s out there? Think again! This year we’re being treated to nearly 60 never-seen-before figures, including astronauts, clumsy guys, a flying warrior, a faun, a ballerina, shark suit guy and even The Queen!

Still can’t find what you want? Don’t worry about it, you can always get your own custom pieces made – but you already knew that didn’t you?

Batman v Superman

That’s right, 2016 sees more Batman v Superman LEGO® sets being introduced following the blockbusting superhero film. There will be minifigures of the Dark Knight, the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman as well as sets featuring some of the iconic scenes from the film!

batman vs superman

Creator Selection

The creators here will be loving life with an assortment of new models coming out. You have everything from exotic animals like parrots and reindeer to deep sea exploration submarines, jets and even a corner deli.

More Star Wars!

stat wars lego

Can’t get enough of Star Wars LEGO®? Neither can anybody else apparently! That why there are 50 new sets being brought out in 2016, including a First Order Star Destroyer, Poe’s X-wing Fighter, a First Order Snowspeeder, TIE Advanced Prototype, an AT-DP and even a Homing Spider Droid. Needless to say, all your LEGO® Star Wars cravings should be met by the end of this year!