20 Epic LEGO® Facts That Will Make You Question It All


There’s no question about it, LEGO® is awesome! Add a touch of originality, a dollop of creativity and a whole lot of studded bricks and you can make anything. Literally, anything!

But there’s far more to LEGO® than what you can make out of it. In fact, there’s much, much more to these little bricks than you know. Don’t believe us? Here are 20 facts that will leave you wondering what you were doing with your childhood!

1. There are over 4 Billion Minifigures!
There are over 4 Billion Minifigures!

LEGO® first created the minifigure in 1975 – that could be a fact all to itself – but since then over 4 billion have been rolled out. If you put them all together that wouldn’t just be a huge number of LEGO® heads, they could be considered to be the world’s largest population! Granted, they’d also have to be human but who’s splitting hairs?

2. LEGO® Predates World War Two!

Yep, LEGO® is pretty old alright! It was first created in 1932 by a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Kristainsen. Ole was looking for alternative income to making furniture – due to the Great Depression – and so decided to make children’s toys.

3. Play Well
Play Well

The word LEGO® is derived from the Danish words LEG GODT which means ‘play well.’ That’s pretty fitting for these lovely little blocks don’t you think?

4. Duplo and LEGO® can connect!

No seriously, try it for yourself! They are exactly eight times the size of regular bricks, but when matched together they interlock absolutely seamlessly. Do you know what that means? When you were using eight LEGO® bricks to build that wall of your castle, you could have just used one Duplo brick… oh the possibilities!

5. Built for Imagination
Built for Imagination

LEGO® is constantly pushing for children to use their imagination in play – that’s why the first minifigures were completely faceless. Without gender, emotion or role these little figures could be perfectly adapted to whatever fantasy role the builder was trying to create.

6. Do You Have 86 Bricks?

On average, every single person in the whole entire world (that’s 7 billion people) owns 86 LEGO® bricks. What does that mean you ask? That means there’s currently more than 602,000,000,000 LEGO® bricks in the world – that would make for one absolutely awesome play pit.

7. They Used to Think AFOLs were “Weird”
They Used to Think AFOLs were “Weird”

Yep, apparently playing with toys that were designed for children was deemed to be “weird” and “a bit bizarre” if you were an adult. However, Adult Fan of LEGO® (AFOLs) were among the company’s most loyal customers and the company has now changed its tune after listening to their market.

8. Nearly Perfect

Have you ever struggled to click two bits of LEGO® together? Probably not. Do you know why? It’s because LEGO® molds are seriously accurate – we’re talking to being within 0.002mm accurate. That’s basically unnoticeable by the human eye. How many bricks don’t make the cut? Just 18 out of every million created, that means that LEGO® bricks are 99.9982% perfect.

9. Seriously Robust

Seriously Robust

Not only are LEGO® bricks nearly perfect, they’re unbelievably robust! In fact, they’re practically indestructible – which is partly why standing on LEGO® bricks hurts so much. Some very determined scientists decided to find out just what it takes to break these plastic models so they built a repetitive motion machine to carry out the test to save their poor feet. A typical 2×4 brick managed to withstand over 37,000 impacts before any breakage occurred – that’s pretty impressive!

10. You Get Excess Bricks for a Reason

If you’ve ever built a LEGO® kit then you’re more than aware that you’ll always have a couple of bricks left over at the end. While this may be worrying after you’ve just finished a 2,000 piece LEGO® pirate ship, you’re actually given those bits for a very specific reason – they’re too small to be weighed! This means that they always chuck in a few more bits so that you never find yourself short.

11. LEGO® is the World’s Largest Wheel Manufacturer
LEGO is the World’s Largest Wheel Manufacturer

Every year LEGO® builds 306 million tyres – that’s more than every other tyre manufacturer put together! Goodyear, forget about it! Pirelli? Who! Sure they might be micro sized compared to normal car tyres, but the quantity really does speak for itself.

12. Huge Video Game Franchise

You may be aware of a couple of LEGO® video games, but just how many do you think there are? One? Five? Ten The answer may just surprise you, because it’s fifty. Yep, 50! That makes it one of the largest video game franchises on earth, although it doesn’t quite get the same kind of numbers as Fallout, Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto.

13. James May Built a Fully Functional LEGO® House
James May Built a Fully Functional LEGO House

Forget about Ed Sheeran’s LEGO® House, ex-Top Gear presenter James May is the real hero here. In 2009 he build a full size, fully functioning house out of 3.3 million LEGO® bricks. There was a working toilet, shower and bed with everything being made from LEGO® – just how comfortable it was is questionable, but the whole thing was very sturdy. A little too sturdy if we’re being honest, it was going to be moved to LEGOLAND® Windsor, but it would have been far too expensive to move and instead got broken down.

14. Make Play, Not War
Make Play, Not War

You won’t find a single LEGO® set that has a direct military theme – in fact, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that LEGO® agrees to have Star Wars licenced sets. This was because they felt the very name went against the company’s moral value that children shouldn’t enjoy war. This is still a deep value within the company and you won’t find many weapons that fall outside fantasy settings.

15. It’s Out of This World!

Literally! In 2011, LEGO® launched a programme called Bricks in Space which saw 13 LEGO® kits being taken to the International Space Station to see how they react in microgravity. Quite what they found is unclear, but it definitely gave the astronauts something a little bit different to do with their downtime.

16. There are SEVEN LEGOLANDS®
There are SEVEN LEGOlands

Yep, SEVEN. Don’t believe us? We wouldn’t either, so we’ll tell you where they all are: Denmark, England, California, Germany, Florida, Malaysia and Dubai. In addition to that, there are three more locations that will be opening over the next few years, these will be in Korea, Japan and Shanghai.

17. A 12 Year Old Made a Braille Printer from LEGO®
A 12 Year Old Made a Braille Printer from LEGO

This is an amazing fact that deserves a bit of recognition – Subham Banerjee, aged 12, used a $350 LEGO® MINSTORMS EV3 set to create a fully functional Braille printer. While that’s remarkable enough in its own right, what makes this even more impressive is that a normal Braille printer costs around $2,000 online and used highly advanced machinery – this was nothing but LEGO®!

18. Rare Minifigures
Rare Minifigures

Some minifigures are extremely collectable and expensive. For example, Boba Fett from Star Wars Cloud City LEGO® is one of the rarest minifigures ever created, but there were also two 14-carat gold C-3PO minifigures made which would not be cheap! There were also 5,000 Mr. Gold minifigures randomly packaged into cases to celebrate the 10th series of LEGO® minifigures.

19. LEGO® Listen to Your Ideas
LEGO Listen to Your Ideas

Have you got an idea for a LEGO® set that you really want to see? LEGO® actively listens to their online community to come up with ideas for their next sets. Submit your idea, maybe mock it up using existing LEGO® pieces and if your idea gets 10,000 votes then someone at LEGO® will sit down and figure out whether the idea is feasible – what’s more you could get royalties if it goes into production!

20. Talking About Money…
Talking About Money…

Every single second, seven LEGO® sets are sold around the world. With an average price of around £30 per set, that’s a mind blowing £12,600 being spent on LEGO® every minute!

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